TWO TREES MAKE A FOREST out November, 2019 in the UK. 

Released in the US, Canada, and Germany in 2020.

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A Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award Notable Book. Longlisted for the Frank Hegyi Award for Emerging Authors

Included in The National Post’s “99 Best Books of 2017”, in Die Zeit’s “Die besten Bücher des Jahres 2017”, and The Guardian’s “Best Summer Books 2018”.

Jessica J Lee offers a sublime, philosophical slipping into the deep… Her clear, calm writing encompasses the truth and terror of open-water swimming: the conjunction of human and natural history that it represents as we swimmers hang there in the water, caught between elements, between our land-bound lives stationed in front of liminal screens and the infinite deep that lies beyond.” – Philip Hoare, New Statesman

A lexeme masterpiece… deft and deeply told, beautiful and acute… wafting sweetly even through the weighty bits, her musings as steady and tender in sadness as learned peace. Too intimate to be comfortable, but told with a piercing vulnerability.” – Terra Arnone, The National Post

Swimming tempers solitude in Lee’s brilliant debut, Turning.” – Harriet Baker, Times Literary Supplement

“Turning is many things: a snapshot of Berlin seen through the prism of its lakes; the story of a broken and healing heart; a contemplation of identity; a coming-of-age story. Perhaps most of all it is a journey through the senses. In recording her experience Lee explores ideas about memory, and examines the way she experiences and retains physical and emotional trauma. She discovers that she, and we, might erase or change our personal ghosts and recollections by simply overwriting them, layering them with new and different sensations, including different kinds of pain, until she, like the lakes she has come to know so well, has fully succeeded in turning.” – Katharine Norbury, The Guardian

“I loved this beautiful book. It’s an attentive meditation on the pleasures and lessons of swimming in lakes, particularly in winter. Jessica Lee wears her bravery lightly and shares her knowledge with generosity.” – Amy Liptrot, author of the bestselling The Outrun

“A deeply moving meditation on solitude, yearning, loss and love. This lake of a book submerged and enveloped me. It is a truly beautiful offering.” – Kyo Maclear, author of Birds Art Life

“Lee’s language is sharp as ice on a frozen lake. It’s astounding, how, to explore her past and her own shifting identity, she uses the land as a metaphor, but tempers it with a view of yearning, the sight of someone once-removed, who can never really go back home again.  Insightful, unconventional, moving, and inspiring, I think this book will appeal to anyone who has ever struggled across the darkness trying to find the light.” – Yasuko Thanh, author of Mysterious Fragrance of the Yellow Mountains